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Rent Our Studio Space For Your Next Project!

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Flying House Studio is a professional studio space that includes a 20x30 white cyc sound stage for both photography and video production.  Designed by hand from a production team that knows what you're looking for in a shooting environment, we have designed this space with a variety of features to help your next project come to life.  With so many options, this space is ideal for photographers and cinematographers alike.

 - A variety of backdrop options, including a 12' and 9' green seamless rolls, black, grey, blue and more.

 - Additional pre-built set options take you off the cyc wall and into any style room you want!

 - Built-in lighting grid is ready for you to hang your lighting gear.  Need some lights, we can help you there too!

Voice Over Booth

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Record your next voiceover on site in our sound recording booth.  The room has been pre-wired to record locally in the Producer's Room outside the booth.

Green Room

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A well lit Hair & Makeup room gives your talent and your artists a quiet space to prep for their shot.  The space also includes a wardrobe rake, variety of mirrors and ironing/steamer for wardrobe.

Producer's Room & Podcast Studio

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A quiet room away from the cyc stage offers your production team a space to work through script changes, take calls/meetings, record podcasts and anything else that comes up while you're on set for the day.  Pre-wired with a monitor that can be patched into the stage cameras, you won't miss a shot no matter where you are.


Studio Space Rental


Per Day (8-hour day) Monday - Friday



Saturday - Sunday



**Photographers can book by the hour w/ 3-hour minimum


Voice Over Booth

Per Hour


Lighting, Grip & Electric

Available upon request.

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